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About Us


The Kingdom of Paris is an online luxury brand store. Our company is playing the role of an industry leader by buying, selling, and even borrowing real luxury. The company sells Chanel, Yves, Saint Laurent, Prada, Versace, Hermes, Louis, Vuitton, and many different types of bags. This premium lifestyle brand enhances customers' experience by engaging them with our discounted offers, even offering good quality material. We aim to select authentic items and pledge to offer the customers the best shopping experience. Our website is regularly visited by all kinds of people, be it celebrities, stylists, socialites, designers, or large e-commerce sites who witness the fact that whatever we sell is of authentic value.

Matching style and class with luxury and comfort, our collections are carefully sorted to address your needs. We are offering only the best products of the best brands. Satiate your desire for luxury and shop your hearts out at Kingdom of Paris! While customer service is our all time driver, the process is our engine and the desire for positive feedback is our company’s heart.

Our extensive collection includes daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves, and handbags. The collections' main goal is to make designer clothing accessible to the public at a reasonable price. Kingdom of Paris has become a household name synonymous with excellence due to its devotion to high-quality products throughout the years. We hope you appreciate them as much as we enjoyed developing them for you!

We have a huge online collection of high-quality handbags, apparel, scarves, and other accessories that boast only of the highest quality. Our handbags collection features the finest quality, limited edition luxury handbags that are difficult to find in other stores. We cater to every brand, from Versace to Hermes, Louis Vuitton to Chanel, and many more! We offer products of these brands at a reasonable price so that people do not have to go anywhere searching for it.

One of the most luxurious goods that we have in our brand store is Hermes handbags. Owning a Hermes bag brings with it a rare piece of history and art. Hermes bags have amazing hand craftsmanship, gold and palladium hardware, and even original harness detailing, separating them from other bags. They still have the unique style that sets them apart from others. We feature not only Hermes handbags but also apparel, scarves, and other accessories.

Furthermore, our brand offers Chanel bags, apparel, and accessories, boasting a classy and elegant look. Chanel has adopted variations in its style, whether it is about colors, materials, sizes, or style. All Chanel products offered by us have only the highest quality and have an outstanding design and quality. Chanel apparel is also highly sought after, worn proudly by celebrities worldwide, and is one of the most
expensive brands in the world. But there's no need to fret because we offer these goods at unbelievably low prices!

We also proudly offer Prada products on our website. These mini-size bags give a cute aesthetic to your personality and complement every outfit. They are a testament of style and set you apart when carried in public. When it comes to perfection, Prada has got you covered! Women always love to look perfect, whether it be a casual brunch with friends, a wedding ceremony, or a night out at the club. Carrying this vision of Prada, we cater a wide range of products meticulously crafted for the diva in you!

Yves Saint Laurent is also one of the brands that we are offering to our clients. It is considered to be one of the best products and quickly catches everyone's eye. Yves Saint Laurent's handbags are enormously liked by women and are one of the best quality materials one could have ever seen.

If you do not find something you are searching for, you can ask our team about it without being reluctant. Our team will try its best to make it available as soon as possible. Even if any of the products are not available at our store, we always seek to get the product from our purchasing sources for our valuable customers who need it. If the customer wants to give us reviews regarding their purchased product, we welcome them even with constructive criticism. We are here to listen to our customers and to improve the quality of the products the way they want. This will encourage our company to reach greater heights.

The Kingdom of Paris is a luxurious brand especially made for women to find their favorite handbags, apparel, and other accessories at a low price. These products are not easily available in common localities. Our main goal is to add those products in our store that are investment-grade pieces like Chanel and Hermes; timeless pieces that can be sold at attractive prices even in the next generation. They will not fade but remain for all the times that have to come.

We have to attain the trust of the client and also want to accept their reliance in return. We have to convince them so that they can at least peek into our product. Also, if the customer has any queries, our vigilant team is always available to reply to their queries and solve their problems. Giving them advice helps us in creating a loyal and trustworthy relationship with the client. At the same time, this also becomes the reason for client satisfaction and retention.

As we are running our company online, we never mention false descriptions or prices of our product. The product catalog has all the accurate details and photographs. We never break the trust of our clients and provide them with the same item that is being described in our catalog. There is no chance that whatever they read about the item will not reach them as it is. In this way, client assurance is attained by our brand, and they will shop again. The real and the basic aim of our store is to give access to our customers of their favorite products at lower prices.

Our business is always striving to expand our collections because we firmly believe in our vision of making fashion accessible for all! Our team of fashion experts always keeps an eye out for new collections from high-end brands like Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and so on. We make this possible through our consignors and trusted sellers willing to sell us the products for the share they rightly deserve.

Kingdom of Paris combines fashion and passion for making a perfectly well-balanced combination of the two; experience in fashion and passion for serving our clients. Many payment options are available on our website, making it easier for the client to purchase from our website. Enhance your online shopping experience by browsing a vast selection of high-quality, trendy goods in various categories!

We take pleasure in being the only website that sells original luxury products. The convenience of shopping at Kingdom of Paris is that you can shop for clothing, scarves, handbags, and other accessories, all at the same place!

To check whether the item that the other brands are delivering us is of authentic quality, we have hired third-party authenticators. They are not linked with any brands but can expertly check the reliability and authenticity of the products. These experts are highly respected for their authentication knowledge and experience. If the product is not authentic, we refund it immediately at 100% of the original price.

We deliver the items of our product safely to the customers, and the means of payment through which they are paying is also secured. We manage to contact the customer until and unless the product they purchased reaches their address. It is our responsibility that we offer the perfect product with proper packaging and no faults. Customer reviews and satisfaction mean a huge thing. We offer 24 hours' service to our customers, from their first click on our website till they receive the item safe and sound.

The Kingdom of Paris is one of the world's biggest fashion and lifestyle shopping platforms. It is one of the most authentic and reliable platforms, eye-catching for customers and influencers alike. Our platform provides all the best looking, classic, upscale, and down-to-earth styles. We want our customers to notice these highly desirable, world-class brands rarely available in local vicinities. Meticulously crafted to improvise your style statements, these bags are guaranteed to steal the show.

We have chosen the best products from each brand and make absolutely no compromise on the style or quality of the product. Our products are expertly chosen for ladies with sophisticated taste and elegance. Our store, which features a varied assortment of luxury handbags, couture apparel, and high fashion accessories, provides a look into the allure and glamour of a modern woman. Allow yourself to be pampered with the finest luxury products, appropriate for fashion-forward women who know their worth. Shop from Kingdom of Paris for high-end purses, scarves, and other runway-inspired items to fill your wardrobe. You will never go wrong with us!

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